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Old Mac G2 Horse Boot

Old Mac G2 Horse Boot

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Old Mac's G2

Every Old Mac's G2 boot has a unique hi-tech performance outsole and incorporates EasyCare’s patented Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound which minimizes concussion and shortens recovery time for horses with concussion-related injuries. It's a great option for pleasure riding and can also serve as a therapy boot. Try the Old Mac's G2 if your horse suffers from arthritis, pedal bone fractures, navicular disease, ringbone, laminitis (founder), bruised soles, or scalping from overreaching.

The Old Mac's G2 is sold in pairs.

Front shield protects the area that takes the most abuse.

Agressive tread pattern provides serious traction and grip.

EasyCare gaiters included with each pair of boots.

Opens wide for ease of application.

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