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Circle Y Tack - Josey-Mitchell Short Shank Gag

Circle Y Tack - Josey-Mitchell Short Shank Gag

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7” Cheeks • 5” Mouth • Stainless Steel Smooth Snaffle

Smooth Snaffle Mouth-Chain Curb-Short Shanks: This bit is selected by Ty Mitchell and Martha Josey for practice and slow work. A good transition from an O-ring snaffle, or a sensitive, light mouthed horse. Gag action for bend and flex. Stainless steel mouth. Discontinued with limited remaining inventory.

Stage B is all about transition, with the introduction of leverage and curb pressure. Short shanked bits and half-gags comprise Stage B.

Reinsman’s Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects. Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout their useful life.

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